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IJEBU-ISIWO DESCENDANTS, INC U.S.A  was established by various devoted sons and daughters of  the town who are concerned about the welfare of the town and its citizen in the United States of  America. The Association was established in Chicago-Illinois and registered under the law governing non-Profit corporation of state of Illinois. 

Membership Registration

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Member Benefits

Extensive networking opportunities

IJEBU ISIWO DESCENDANTS, INC  membership allows you to develop information networks with all sons and daughters of ijebu isiwo who have similar interests and concerns. Discover economic and funding opportunities fast, learn of new techniques and breakthroughs first, and increase your access to others who may have solutions to the questions you need to answer today.

Skill and career development

During the year, members are presented with numerous opportunities including the  IJEBU ISIWO DESCENDANTS, INC% annual meeting , Career Workshops, and the Career Fair.

Omo Petu aramasa..Omo elele nla Isiwo to fibi eru to fibi Omo. Eniti o ba mo Ara, ko fowo ra ina wo bo njo enia bi ki njo enia. Omo Lukere O gboye. Aramasa A gbe gbogbo awa omo Isiwo to wa loke Okun ati nile.