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IJEBU-ISIWO DESCENDANTS, INC U.S.A  was established by various devoted sons and daughters of  the town who are concerned about the welfare of the town and its citizen in the United States of  America. The Association was established in Chicago-Illinois and registered under the law governing non-Profit corporation of state of Illinois. 

Our Services

IJEBU ISIWO DESCENDANTS, INC offers members a wide range of benefits designed to meet your company's needs. They include:

Employee Benefits - A full range of Health Care Plans, Life Insurance, Long Term Care and Disability, are all available through IJEBU ISIWO DESCENDANTS, INC. We also offer Pension and Profit Sharing Plans, Workers' Compensation, Discount Card Services and more.

Employment Related Services - To help your business run smoothly, we offer Employee Assistance Programs, Payroll, and Tax Preparation, Video Training, Legal Services and Strike Insurance. We also have programs for Pre-employment Screening, Drug and Alcohol Screening and Employment Practices Liability.

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Business Services (Bottom Line) - From Marketing Services to the Internet, from lower electrical costs to discounted FedEx, IJEBU ISIWO DESCENDANTS, INC  offers a full line of business services. Product Recall coverage, Equipment Leasing Programs, complete Real and Personal Property Tax Services, and financial services including a full-service brokerage are also available to you.

Information Services - IJEBU ISIWO DESCENDANTS, INC  provides an ongoing series of seminars and workshops to keep you informed and current. There are also video and audiotapes as well as Internet services. Your membership also brings newsletters, a monthly magazine and additional training publications.

Request for More Information - Complete an online request for additional information regarding any of our member services.
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